Company Overview

│ About us│

Founded in 2004, Elijah has specialized in the manufacture, planning and design of professional commercial kitchen equipment.

│Elite expert and model of the same trade│

Although the Company has operated for only several years, it has a team of elite members who have more-than-10 or 20-year professional experience. With the principle of “Sincere and Pragmatic, Solid Operations,” we are well recognized and supported by the hospitality industry. Our track records can be seen across universities and colleges, hospitality skill test classrooms, and professional kitchens in restaurants, hotels, companies and agencies.

│Internationally certified and patent guaranteed│

Quality, Reputation andContinuous Improvement are our business philosophies. We continue to innovate and research as well as develop productswhich are awarded patents by the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

│Elite helmsman and highest honor of the kitchenware│

Mr. Chiang, Kang-Cheng, chairman of the Company, was awarded the highest honor, Excellent Businessman and Golden Merchants Award by the General Chamber of Commerce of R.O.C in 2010. He was well received by President Ma and Prime Minister Wu in the Office of the President and Executive Yuan. He continuously researches and develops new kitchen equipment and received the award Taiwan Erudite Dr. Distinguished Inventor by the government, honorary doctorate degree by the Golden State University in US, and Guoguang Medal granted by the President of Legislative Yuan.

│Keep a grateful heart and create the bright future together│

Since our establishment, we are well recognized and trusted by all of our customers, which helps Elijah grow continuously. We will continue to conduct R&D and innovations in the hope that with better equipment and comprehensive aftersales services, we can work with you to create a better future.