Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

HACCP is an abbreviation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point which is also known as the food safety control system. The HACCP system approach is internationally recognized as the most effective bottom-up process management system for food hygiene. The pre-analysis approach is used to analyze possible hazards which may be generated during each step of raw materials processing and production. Afterwards, the important regulations are development based on the hazard possibility and severity to effectively prevent hazards or take corrective actions if a hazard happens. Therefore, the product safety is ensured and the operations of food companies will be improved. Thus, the HACCP system is based on the good GHP foundations along with the hazard analysis and related control actions implemented for the entire company manufacturing processes. Two systems are complemented with each other.

This traffic pattern may cause cross infection and does not comply with HACCP   

This traffic pattern will not cause cross infection and comply with HACCP  Layout

Layout in compliance with HACCP 


 Traffic pattern 


Water flow 

Air flow