Service Processes

│Service Processes│

We specialize in the floor layout and planning which allows you to have a clear traffic pattern and coordinated layout for maximum operating benefits. The floor layout and design play an important part.

1.       Meeting counseling allows us to gain visibility in our customers’ needs: Planning principles [Based on the number of servings, serving times and serving items, we provide the planning and design services that meets customer needs.]

2.       On-site survey and measurement

3.       Traffic pattern arrangement and planning: Planning principles [in compliance with food safety and hygiene laws and regulations to avoid cross infections in food]

4.       Layout drawing: Drawing principles [Plan and design a space for maximized economic benefits]

5.       Coordination and discussion

6.       Finalize the draft and confirmation

7.       Budgeting

8.       Development of construction regulations and tender documents

9.       Water, electricity, gas, and steam layout

10.     Site setout

11.     Factory manufacturing

          Manufacturing processes at factories:

          A. Incoming of stainless steel→B. Plate cutting→C. Plate shearing→D. Numeric control punch press→E. Plate bending machine→F. Plate machining→G. Assembly of semi-finished goods→H. Finished product storage area

12.     Onsite installation, commissioning, and completion

13.     Warranty, repair and periodic maintenance